Running Tests

By default, when you use hc init to create a new project folder, it creates a sub-directory called test. The files in that folder are equipped for testing your project. The contents of the folder represent a simple nodejs package (in that they have a index.js file and a package.json file).

Tools to help with testing are also built right into the development command line tools.

hc test

Once you have a project folder initiated, you can run hc test to execute your tests. This combines the following steps:

  1. Packaging your files into a DNA file, located at dist/bundle.json. This step will fail if your packaging step fails.
  2. Installing build and testing dependencies, if they're not installed (npm install)
  3. Executing the test file found at test/index.js (node test/index.js)

The tests can of course be called manually using nodejs, but you will find that using the convenience of the hc test command makes the process much smoother, since it includes the packaging step for when you change the DNA source files.

hc test also has some configurable options.

If you want to run it without repackaging the DNA, run it with

hc test --skip-package

If your tests are in a different folder than test, run it with

hc test --dir tests

where tests is the name of the folder.

If the file you wish to actually execute is somewhere besides test/index.js then run it with

hc test --testfile test/test.js

where test/test.js is the path of the file.

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