DNA Instances

DnaInstance is a class that is exported from holochain-nodejs and can be imported into your code. This class is used externally and instances of it are built automatically for you to use, so you typically should not have to construct a DnaInstance yourself.

A DnaInstance represents a running version of a DNA package by a particular agent. This means that the agent has a source chain for this DNA. In addition to these basic properties on a DnaInstance that are covered below, the following articles cover how to make function calls into the Zomes.

Import Example

const { DnaInstance } = require('@holochain/holochain-nodejs')

Instantiate A DnaInstance

constructor(instanceId, conductor) => DnaInstance

Instantiate a DnaInstance based on an instanceId, and the conductor where an instance with that id is running. Calling this manually is not typically necessary, since the Scenario testing returns these natively. A DnaInstance can make calls via that Conductor into Zome functions.

Name instanceId

Type string

Description The instance id of the DnaInstance as specified in the configuration of conductor. Note that when using the Config.instance helper, the instance ID defaults to the agent name (as specified in Config.agent) if not explicitly passed as a third argument.

Name conductor

Type Conductor

Description A valid, and running Conductor instance


const aliceInstance = new DnaInstance('alice', conductor)

DnaInstance Attributes


The agentId for an instance.


// alice-----------------------------------------------------------------------------AAAIuDJb4M


The address of the DNA for an instance.


// QmYiUmMEq1WQmSSjbM7pcLCy1GkdkfbwH5cxugGmeNZPE3

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