Intro to JSON-RPC Interfaces

The JSON-RPC interface will expose, via a port on your device, a WebSocket or an HTTP server, via which you can make function calls to the Zomes of your DNA.


JSON-RPC is a specification for using the JSON data format in a particular way, that follows the "Remote Procedure Call" pattern. Holochain uses the Version 2 specification of JSON-RPC. You can see general examples of JSON-RPC here.

The format for the JSON-RPC request/response pattern is really simple. A request is a JSON object with just a few mandatory values which must be passed.

jsonrpc: specifies the JSON-RPC spec this request follows. The JSON-RPC spec used by Holochain Conductors is 2.0.

id: specifies the ID for this particular request. This is so that the request and response can be matched, even if they get transmitted out of order.

method: specifies the method on the "remote" (Holochain) to call.

params: (optional) contains a JSON object which holds the data to be given as arguments to the method being called, if the method expects them.

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