UI Interfaces

ui_interfaces is an array of configurations for "UI Interfaces", meaning there can be multiple within one Conductor. UI Interfaces serve UI Bundles over HTTP.



id: string

Give an ID of your choice to this UI Interface

bundle: string

A reference to the given ID of a defined ui_bundle to serve over this interface

port: u16

An integer value representing the port on the device to run this interface over. Must not conflict with any of the interface ports, nor another UI Interface port.

dna_interface: string Optional

A reference to the given ID of a defined interface this UI is allowed to make calls to. This is used to set the CORS headers and also to provide an extra virtual file endpoint at /_dna_config/ that allows hc-web-client or another solution to redirect Holochain calls to the correct ip/port/protocol


id = "ui-interface-1"
bundle = "bundle1"
port = 3000
dna_interface = "websocket_interface"

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