Persistence Directory

This is a simple key/value pair specifying a directory on the device to persist the config file, DNAs, and UI bundles, if changes are made dynamically over the JSON-RPC admin API. This is only relevant if you are running one of the interfaces with admin = true. The default value is in a subdirectory of the $HOME directory, $HOME/.holochain/conductor.


If you start a Conductor that has this value set, but then make no changes via the JSON-RPC admin interface, the persistence directory will not be utilized and the Conductor config file you started with will not be moved into that directory. On the other hand, if you do make any changes to the configuration by calling one of the dynamic admin functions then whatever the value of the persistence_dir is for that Conductor config, it will create that directory, and then persist the modified Conductor configuration file there. It would then be wise to utilize that Conductor config in the future, instead of the original.

Within this persistence_dir that is now on the device, there are a number of possible files and folders.

conductor-config.toml is the new configuration file, which will be repeatedly written to with any further dynamic updates. This is useful so that when the Conductor is stopped, or if it dies for some reason, when you restart it will behave the same as before.

storage is a directory used for persisting the data for instances, in particular when new instances are added via the admin/instance/add admin function.

dna is a directory used for copying DNA package files into if the admin/dna/install_from_file admin function is called.

static is a directory used for copying UI Bundle files into if the admin/ui/install admin function is called.


persistence_dir = "/home/user/my_holochain"

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