network is a table for the configuration of how networking should behave in the Conductor. The Conductor currently uses mock networking by default. To network with other nodes you have to install the n3h networking component and add a configuration block into the config file to tell the Conductor where it can find n3h.



bootstrap_nodes: array of string Optional

List of URIs that point to other nodes to bootstrap p2p connections.

n3h_path: string

Absolute path to the local installation/repository of n3h. Default is to a subdirectory of the $HOME directory on the device: $HOME/.hc/net/n3h

n3h_persistence_path: string Optional

Absolute path to the directory that n3h uses to store persisted data. The default is that a temporary self-removing directory for this transient data will be used.

n3h_ipc_uri: string Optional

URI pointing to an n3h process that is already running and not managed by this Conductor. If this is set the Conductor does not spawn n3h itself and ignores the path configs above. Default is this value is empty.


n3h_path = "/home/eric/holochain/n3h"
n3h_persistence_path = "/tmp"
bootstrap_nodes = []

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