instances is an array of configurations of DNA instances, each of which is a running copy of a DNA, by a particular agent. Based on these configurations, the Conductor will attempt to start up these instances, initializing (or resuming) a local source chain and DHT. It is possible to use the same DNA with multiple different agents, but it is not recommended to run two instances with the same DNA and same agent. An instance has a configurable storage property, which can be set to save to disk, or just store temporarily in memory, which is useful for testing purposes.



id: string

Give an ID of your choice to this instance

agent: string

A reference to the given ID of a defined agent

dna: string

A reference to the given ID of a defined DNA

storage: StorageConfiguration

A table for configuring the approach to storage of the local source chain and DHT for this instance

StorageConfiguration.type: enum

Select between different storage implementations. There are two so far:

  • memory: Persist actions taken in this instance only to memory. Everything will disappear when the Conductor process stops.
  • file: Persist actions taken in this instance to the disk of the device the Conductor is running on. If the Conductor process stops and then restarts, the actions taken will resume at the place in the local source chain they last were at.

StorageConfiguration.path: string

Path to the folder in which to store the data for this instance.


id = "app spec instance 1"
agent = "test agent 1"
dna = "app spec rust"

type = "file"
path = "example-config/tmp-storage"

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