Administering Conductors

It is possible to dynamically configure a Conductor via a JSON-RPC interface connection. There is a powerful API that is exposed for doing so.

To do this, first, recall that the admin = true property needs to be set for the interface that should allow admin access. Second, it is helpful to review and understand the behaviours around the persistence_dir property for the Conductor.

You can find details of the API for this functionality in the full API reference material. Scroll to view the with_admin_dna_functions comment block and the with_admin_ui_functions comment block. Calling these functions works exactly the same way as the other JSON-RPC API calls.

As mentioned in production Conductor, there is a GUI in development that will cover all this functionality, so that it does not have to be done programmatically, but can be done by any user simply point and click.

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