Building for Different Platforms

Holochain apps aren't limited to running only on laptop and desktop computers. Because Holochain is written in Rust, Holochain apps will be able to run on platforms ranging from Raspberry Pis to Android smartphones once the tools have been fully developed.

So far, by utilizing bindings for the C language with Holochain, a cross-platform tool for starting and stopping app instances has been developed, called HoloSqape. This particular implementation targets Ubuntu (and Linux), MacOS, and Windows. Note that if you are looking for a good language to develop a cross-platform GUI in, Qt and Qml which is utilized by HoloSqape is a good option.

A tool such as HoloSqape, which can load, start, and stop a Holochain app instance (or apps), is called a "Conductor" in Holochain terminology.

Another approach to running Holochain apps on different platforms would be to include Holochain itself in your native application, whether it be an Electron app, or an Android app.

There has been some work done to explore building Holochain for Android. If the technical details of this interest you, see this article

Now that you know what's possible in terms of platform options, carry on with getting to know Holochain app development!

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